Passionate about Sound

Highland Event Services was founded out of a  passion for live sound. We firmly believe that every event deserves best-in-class sound reinforcement, to the extent that it should blend seamlessly into the background and go unnoticed by most attendees.

By utilising superior equipment and leveraging our expertise, we are committed to ensuring that no event, no matter its scale, will ever again be plagued by a small tinny PA system or ear-piercing feedback.

Determined to Deliver

Based in Tain, Scotland we are well situated to cover the majority of the Highlands and Islands. Our determination to succeed is what makes us unique and we will do everything possible to elevate your event into something unforgettable.

The events industry is so wide ranging that it has been very difficult to pull this website together. Hopefully we have summarised the core service provision on offer, however, we want to ensure all our customers know that as a small business, we will go above and beyond.